Last Day

20150730_11214720150730_12191020150729_133542We rode into Marquette like we were flying. There is a 1650 foot elevation drop that made pedalling optional. But first we had to revisit Joe at 41 Auto. Joe is a super guy with a social hub of a garage for his super friends like John, a 3 time recipient of the Purple Heart from the Vietnam War. Still loving the motorcycle riding. Anyway, Joe and his buddies knocked themselves out to set us up with highway florescent on the way out during a stormy darkish, highway drive. We were greeted with an invitation to dinner on the way back. We camped at the Tourist Park in Marquette after going to the bikeshop to fix Cyans tire. It was my version of a spa manicure. I get to have the tire fixed. Yeah! Then we had dinner with Joe at the fancy restaurant. Then Brian came to pick us up after stopping at a few beaches on Superior. Drive home through cloudscapes, construction and serious thunderstorms.

Tires tires tires..

20150728_185512We had intended to get to Ishpeming on this day but I had a foreboding cloud of tire insecurity with Cyans slow leak and my icky thump on the front. Thought we would fix everything at this lovely place but we just played at the beach until the bugs came out. Noseeums. One more day.

The Good Bad Hot and Ugly

20150724_18160720150727_133245A day of flat tires hot heat and super people save one worn down waitress but the a/c was broken and Cyan ordered grilled cheese andfries. Nolan flat 3:00. Cyan flat ne20150727_192824xt am. Both rear aargh!20150727_192956

Ma’s café

20150726_193041 we climbed the hill that every one was warning us about, nolan says it was no big whoop, but it was hot. After climbing hills in stinking hot weather,wecalled an early day at wakefeild camping where we swam, beach bummed, and had good eats at Ma’s Cafe.

a series of fortunate events

20150725_20112520150725_20082820150725_20104520150726_06481120150726_10121020150726_10583520150726_114204 After a wonderful last day of Wisconsin, we were treated with awesome hospitality at Steve,Linda and their five kids’ house on the Superior. We went swimming at their beach, ate smores at a camp fire and talked with them and their neighbors. In the morning we met Alwart, a cyclist touring around the world who we talked about bikes with.

Hard Work

20150723_162844 The day started hot and as we headed for the(Suomi) hills I had a bad feeling in my knees about my heavy tire. Pushed it all day until it was flat and fixed on side of #2 E out of Grand Rapids. Camped to heavy rain in night with lightshow and packed down wet saying prayers for tires

like going home

Our ride was tough yesterday with horseflies a rise in elevation and hot wind in front. We didnt get as far as we thought we would but waving back at people that we’d met before made up for our loss. We went back to my favourite cafe in Effie (I love that place!) Trevor was there again having biked back from work in Bigfork. He orders what he likes for supper within their repertoire. We had good company with the owner, Kathy?, Then we went back to camp at Bigfork where the little girl across the street from the boatlaunch shared popsicles with us. Nice people.


just biked

Yesterday we made it from warroad to littlefork. At 4:30 we were getting tired and my mom and i (nolan) wanted to stop at loman, the buggiest place on eart but cyan talked us out of it. We camped at a nice place called lofgren park.20150722_095954

on the road again


20150718_130606we really enjoyed visiting who we could visit, and it was nice chillin at the beaches.

100 miles ☺

Big day yesterday, we made it to steinbach through a thunderstorm, and came in contact with our peeps.we Stayed in a nice hotel with a hottub. We are in winnepeg close to our destination. Earlier today cyan wiped and we were helped by a fireman named murray, mayor myron of niverville, and a paramedic who just happenedto be passing by.20150715_144405